Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sheriff's Department's Response

Neighbors, I'm happy to tell you that the Sheriff's Department's Auto Crimes Enforcement (ACE) task force is aware of the recent trouble in our area and is eager to catch the person or persons responsible.

One thing they have stressed is the importance of reporting every crime, no matter how small.  They recently caught someone with a house full of what they knew were stolen items, however few of them could be matched to a reported crime so they had a lot less to charge the guy with.

Also, if you have any evidence, they want it.  If you have trouble figuring out what to do with it, email me and I'll assist you.  If your car gets broken into, get it fingerprinted so they can tie all these crimes together.


  1. You say if your car is broken into, to get it fingerprinted. My question back is, by whom? The Sherrif certainly won't come out to do this (we've tried) so does this mean we hire our own fingerprint expert? Hell, they won't even come out to take a report, we have to do their job by reporting it on their website! BTW, we are in Eastern Heights just across the way from DPM. Your advise is surely appreciated. Thanks

  2. The Sheriff's Department will fingerprint your car, you just need to call the right people ("ACE" - Auto Crimes Enforcement). They have a CSI who does just this. Please email me at and I'll reply with the phone number to the ACE CSI.

    I know it can be frustrating. When you call to report a property crime, you just get sent to a volunteer report writer and nothing ever happens. It's only because I've been a stubborn pest that I've gotten a response.

  3. Geoff,
    First off, thanks for any effort you are putting into decreasing the crime in the Arden area.
    I live on Lusk Drive and my house was broken into in March of this year. I called right away and CSI came and told me as they left that they got a few good fingerprints and that it may take several months to find a match... if any. About three weeks later, I found someone on Craigslist trying to sell one of my items. I contacted him and he freely gave me his name, cell phone number and email address. I soon found out he was already in jail (!)for a crime or two with no bond and no court date set. I contacted the Sheriff's Dept with the info I had and gave them some time to get back to me. About a month and a half later, I called again to follow up. I was told these things take time. I explained that they had some good fingerprints and the person was already in their system, they just needed to be matched up. Then it was explained to me they had several cutbacks in their department and it would take some time. Considering I've provided them with information on a suspect that's already in their system, it's been over seven months and I'm still waiting for a response from them.
    I can go on and on about this as there's more to the story (police report had MANY discrepancies... as well as one sheriff that came to my house touched a doorknob that had clear, crucial suspect fingerprints on it. Good grief.)
    Thanks for hearing (reading) my story. I'm not looking for assistance from you...this is more of an FYI.
    Should I consider voting Yes on Measure D?!

  4. You would think (hope?) that they would move faster on a very solvable crime.

    I know the Sheriff's Department only has two detectives working burglaries (home, commercial, home invasion) north of the American River. The department has been gutted by budget cuts, which is why I have changed my position and will be voting yes on D.