Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recognize these items?

The drums that were stolen look like this:
Also, he dropped a can of pepper spray that I guess was probably stolen from one of the other cars in the neighborhood.  Here it is:
And here it is out of the case:

If you recognzie either of these items, please contact me via email at or by phone at (916) 585-4786.

Stolen from the same car the week before was a Massage Envy gift card.  It looks similiar to this one:

This is a hammer that was thrown through the window of my truck a couple of years ago.
I'm going to use it to post signs in the neighborhood to catch this punk!

Daytime Burglary

The local bandit came back, this time during daylight!  The whole crime is caught on video again.  Again, he came down Ione Street from the direction of Maryal.  Actually, from the neighbor's driveway.  He left southbound on Eastern Avenue.

He was barefoot.  He's tall, teenaged, with moppy brown hair wearing shorts and a flannel shirt.  This time, he stole a set of bongo drums from the trunk.

If you recognize this kid, please contact me via email ( or telephone (916.585.4786).  You can leave also leave a comment on this blog.  It can even be anonymous.

Night Visit

Our neighborhood thief paid us a visit late Saturday night (4:00am 8/14/10).  As you can see in the video, he looks around the car for a minute, unconcerned about the dome light and the fact he's right in our driveway.  We couldn't figure out anything that was stolen during this visit.
It looks like he's either wearing flip flops or is completely barefoot.