Saturday, October 30, 2010

Other Crimes in Our Area

I have been hearing about an increased number of crimes lately in the Arden area.  There have been vehicle thefts and home burglaries in the last couple of weeks.

Remember to keep your car and home locked, keep valuables out of sight, and be keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  Write down descriptions of suspicious vehicles and people in your neighborhood.

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  1. There was a residential burglary on Neptune Way on Saturday, October 30th. My neighbor reports that "on Saturday October 30th about 7PM, a person on foot from the north entered the side gate and less than a minute later, exited the front door and headed back toward Cottage Way. I think this was just to test for an alarm response. At some point within the next hour lights are seen going on and off in the house, so I speculate they returned for a while rummaging through drawers. They only took a few gold jewelry items."

    He goes on to say that, "Tonight [Saturday, Nov. 6], exactly one week later, I was out front just before 7pm and a white male, medium build rode up the street northbound on a bike that made a fast ten speed type clicking sound. I was within 10 feet, said hi, he looked at me and never responded. I did note that he really had his head on a swivel, looking at each house he passed as he leisurely rode toward Cottage Way. It was dark, but I think his bike was red and had no lights at all!"

    Be on the lookout. Our entire area is being "cased."